Steps to having a home Inspected...

A buyer's purchase offer is typically contingent on a home inspection to verify the general condition of the homes major components, to investigate and report on the buyer's specific concerns, and to complete specific reports required by the lender or insurance provider. It is an important function in the purchasing process but is often unplanned for and/or not budgeted for.  Whether you are planning ahead or in the middle of your mad dash toward closing, following these steps will help you tackle this obstacle with confidence!  

1)    Gather your home inspection information: The more specific information you have about the home, the better! Streamline your inspector selection and help the inspector serve you by being prepared and having the following information available…

a)    Which Inspections you want or need (4-point, Wind Mitigation, and/or Full Home Inspection)

b)    Home type (single family home, condominium, townhome, etc)

c)    Home size (gross square footage)

d)    Home age (year originally built)

e)    The property address (including zip code)

f)    The client’s contact information (if you are a representative assisting the process)

2)    Select your inspector

a)    Shortlist your Inspectors on Merit:  It is important this be your first priority when selecting an inspector. Although inspectors’ fees vary, the advantage of a high quality inspection is minute relative to the purchase of a home. Similarly, paying more does not necessarily mean you are getting more…Start by selecting three or more home inspectors you would feel comfortable hiring based on available information reflecting their services, experience, and professionalism. Check their standard operating procedure (SOP), make sure they are licensed and certified to perform the inspections, and contact them to discuss their processes and services if you have any questions. To learn more about me and my services, click here or feel free to contact me directly, any time!! 

b)    Gather Pricing, Agreements, and Availability: From each of your shortlisted inspectors, gather the pricing and also their agreements to see what their quotes actually include. If you find the pricing and the agreements in alignment and agreeable, check their availability. Buying a home usually means deadlines (and life doesn’t stand still because you are in this hectic process). Make sure the inspector you select can meet your deadlines and fit in your life. To help my clients, I make this as simple as visiting the pages linked below or contacting me directly here.

i)     To receive a home inspection quote from Insight Property Inspections, click here.

ii)   To check availability for Insight Property Inspections, contact me.

iii)  To review home inspection agreement forms from Insight Property Inspections, click here.

3)    Schedule the Walkthrough and Execute your Agreements: Book or confirm your appointment with the inspector you have chosen. Some inspectors require the agreements be executed before booking. Prospective Clients of Insight Property Inspections, Co have the option to schedule the walkthrough at any point in the process and of executing the agreements anytime between cost confirmation (request a quote here) up to when we meet to perform the walkthrough. Processes at Insight are organized but flexible to keep you moving forward and in confidence.

4)    Join the inspector for the walkthrough (optional but recommended): Being present is not mandatory but highly recommended, especially for Full Home Inspections! I consider the home inspection service not only the provision of a quality report but an opportunity to familiarize you with your property and the home’s specific workings. The duration of the walkthrough varies depending on the inspections being performed, the size and age of the property, and other unique circumstances. Insight will have already performed a thorough property research and blocks off additional time when appointments are made to support a proper and thorough inspections. For more information about the walkthrough process, see FAQ below!

5)    Make your payment and receive your report: Home Inspection reports are made available within 48hrs of the walkthrough completion! Payment is generally made at the time of walkthrough via client’s check. Check’s are not deposited until the report is released! Homes that are larger, older, or have unique circumstances may take longer to report.

6)    Review and Utilize the Report(s): Upon receipt of your report, review the content and make sure you understand the comments, deficiencies, and recommendations. Inspection reports from Insight Property Inspections, Co are custom written and formatted to insure high quality reporting with relevant, practical information that can actually be used! Contact me here if need help digesting any technical information or understanding how any comments or deficiencies should be integrated to your home maintenance planning. Then, forward your report(s) to your lender and/or insurance representatives who requested the reports. Remember to keep your home inspection reports in a safe, secure location for future reference!