Whether the property is an addition to your investment portfolio or the operational center for your growing business, having a diligent and thorough property inspection is an absolute necessity when purchasing commercial real estate.

Buildings are complex, elaborate mechanisms that directly impact the health and safety of the occupants, support or impede operational capabilities, and are capable of being either savvy financial investments or dreaded money pits. 

Hire Insight and make the most of your due diligence opportunity!

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Who performs commercial property inspections

Typically, these services are  provided by construction and building professionals including general contractors, architects, and engineers. Unfortunately, the commercial property inspection industry is relatively unregulated. Hiring an experienced, certified, and insured inspector is a must for your due diligence and purchasing endeavors. 

Insight Property Inspections, Co. is owned and operated by AJ Longo; a state of Florida Certified General Contractor (#CGC1525020 - current/inactive) and Internachi certified Commercial Property Inspector with a university education in the science of construction, and vast experience building and inspecting commercial buildings. His CV is available here

Insight's Comprehensive Inspection Services

Insight not only evaluates the condition of the building's assemblies and components but also investigates the specific concerns of the client and anticipated use of the property's occupants. Although the scope of an inspection can be tailored to the client and property, Standard Inspections performed by Insight capture the following...

  • Property Research Based on City/County online records 

  • Building Structure Types and Conditions

  • Roofing System Types and Conditions

  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Systems

  • Exterior Walls and Cladding

  • General Building Health and Condition

  • Exterior Features, Topography, and Landscape

  • General Occupant, Security, Life Safety, & Accessibility  

Insight performs and reports these inspections in alignment with the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (also referred to as the ComSOP)

Properties Condition Assessments (or PCA's) are commercial property inspections performed in compliance to ASTM E2018. This standard is often required by lenders or insurance underwriters as a baseline prescription to performing commercial inspections. 

Insight's additional services for commercial buildings and properties

  • Contract Administration: Assisting Owners & Architects in overseeing construction projects and facilitating communication to insure the project is being built on schedule, within budget, and per the contract documents (drawings and specifications); while maintaining a positive relationship with the builder and work force!!     

  • Draw Inspections:  Assisting lenders and owners in confirming project status for progress payments. 

  • Balcony Inspections: Florida DBPR HR-7020 compliance reports and consulting for hotel and lodging facilities. 

  • Insurance Inspection Services: Providing inspection services to assess risk and liability as well as support in claims investigations. 

  • Litigation Support Services:  Assisting law firms and individuals with technical research, code compliance research, federal regulation research, assessing liability and responsibility, and developing deposition/examination strategy.