Standard Agreements

Whether it is a 4-point Inspection, Wind Mitigation Inspection, or Full Home Inspection, please make sure you have reviewed the terms and conditions of your agreement prior to execution. The agreements below are up-to-date Standard Agreements in use by Insight Property Inspections, Co.  

Full Home Inspection agreement

Full Home Inspection agreement

Full Home Inspection Agreement

A Full Home Inspection is a comprehensive inspection and report, assessing the home's condition and functionality. This service is far beyond a typical 4-point inspection, offering the client a more detailed examination and explanation of the property's features in accordance with Internachi's Standard Operating Procedure     

4-Point Inspection Agreement

The 4-point Inspection is a general inspection of the home's four primary features; including the roof, electrical system, plumbing system, and HVAC. This inspection report is typically required by lenders and/or insurers and is fulfilled using Citizens 4-Point Inspection Report Form

Wind Mitigation Inspection Agreement

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